Siberian cats

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Midnightstar Elias

The boys are leaving today, Ewan has just gone - his new slaves are lovely so I am sure he will be just fine x

Elias leaves today too - he is the heaviest kitten we have had and is a little bruiser.  Quick snap of him below taken today.  

It is a very strange feeling when the kittens are leaving, we have seen them being born and spent hours and hours with them, cuddling, playing, kissing them.  But we are also happy for the kittens and their new owners.  I hope their new owners enjoy them as much as I have.  x

Monday, 12 September 2011

Lily & Rasptuin's kittens - 13 weeks

 Lilys kittens are now 13 weeks and have started to leave :( The 2 that have left seem to be settling wonderfully.  Ewan is still here but was still sleepy for photos (will get some of him later)

 Eilise is now optioned pending a visit

We also taking enquiries for our next litter which may be early next year -  please email me with a little about yourself and family and why you may be suitable to become a Midnightstar kitten slave :) -

Eilise - optioned

Eilise - optioned
Esther - reserved

Esther - reserved

Elias - reserved

Esther & Eilise

Sunday, 11 September 2011

New arrival coming to join us

We are pleased to announce an unexpected new arrival who will be joining us in a couple of weeks here at Midnightstar.  

We weren't planning on any new girls this year but after seeing this little one I knew I had to have her.  Alexandrite Natalia is from Jo & Andy at Alexandrite and we are very excited to be getting her.   I love her colouring and look forward to seeing her babies when she older. x

We are going to call her Cookie x


Cookie when she was a bit younger

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Angel (lola) 14 weeks

A couple of photos of Angel (Lola) from Molly and Rasputin's litter - Angel is staying with us a bit longer as her mum is going on holiday.  Angel is very much a cuddler and follows me round like a little dog.

Thursday, 1 September 2011


I have done individual blogs of Lily's and Rasptuin's kittens for their new owners to be :) enjoy

Gorgeous Eilise - very pretty girl. loves to play x


Elias 11+weeks

Gorgeous chunk of a boy - he is a purr machine and such a hunk of a boy x


Eden 11+weeks

Eden is the most confident of the litter - hard to get photos as she is never still - very loving and gorgeous girl x


Eliana 11+weeks

Eliana is such a sweet girl - loves to watch what's going on around her, beautiful girl x


Ewan 11+weeks

Ewan is 'the baby' of the troop - he is a gorgeous boy - so very pretty too - he is a lovely light silver x


Esther - nearly 11+ weeks

Beautiful Esther, I think Esther has been here before.  She is such a pretty girl.