Siberian cats

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Molly's kittens 5 weeks

Here are Molly's kittens - Lola ia available - please enquire if interested. Coco could maybe go for show/breed - Coco is now optioned.

These kittens are so cute - wanting out of their area all the time so we will be moving them at the weekend. They are all looking gorgeous. Diesel is a typical boy always climbing and getting into mischief. Daisy is very chatty! Lola loves to play. Coco gets so excited running round.

Coco - optioned
Daisy - reserved
Diesel - optioned
Lola - available

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Lola - 27 days

This is our gorgeous Lola. She is such a sweetheart. Please feel free toenquire. xxxxx

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Coco - 26 days

Here we have Coco from Molly's litter. Coco is now optioned. She is looking stunning with a beautiful thick coat. She is a little quieter at the moment than the other 3 but there again it's not hard with Daisy and Diesel around :) - she has a lovely sweet nature, just like mum and dad.

Coco may become available, please feel free to enquire.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Diesel - Molly's litter

Well we have new photos of the silver girls, here is Diesel. Don't think we have had any pictures since he was tiny. He is such a cutie and him and Daisy are partners in crime.

Here he is at 3 weeks - hopefully get some of Coco tomorrow. :) xx

Diesel is optioned.

Monday, 20 June 2011

1 week old - Lily's kittens

Lily's kittens are now 1 week old! They are all looking lovely, 2 of them have their eyes open. I have given them all their names now.

Midnightstar Elias - reserved.
Midnightstar Eden - being assessed
Midnightstar Eilise - being assessed.

Midnightstar Ewan - optioned
Midnightstar Eliana - being assessed
Midnightstar Esther - being assessed

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Molly's silver girls

Managed to get some photos this evening of the 2 silver girls in Molly's litter. These girls are sooo alike. Daisy is reserved, Lola is being assessed.

Daisy & Lola

Daisy - reserved
Daisy & Lola
I think Daisy is on the left :)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

River's kittens 10 weeks 4 days

River's kittens are 10 and half weeks old now! time flies! They are maturing nicely. As always I I just about managed to get one of Samuil :) he is such a cutie and the biggest purr machine! And always busy. They will be joining their new homes in 2-3 weeks time where I hope their new owners will enjoy having them as much as I am. x

Midnightstar Rika (Bluebelle)

Midnightstar Cassidy
Midnightstar Samuil who is soon going to be called Loki.
(excuse the wall, we are decorating)

Thursday, 16 June 2011

3 days - Lily's babies

Lily's kittens are 3 days old now and are so gorgeous - I can't really tell the 3 silver girls apart at the moment but it hopefully won't be long before I can. :)

Most kittens are under assessment at the moment.

Brown boy - reserved
Pale silver girl
Silver girl 2
Silver girl 3
Silver girl 4
Silver boy
All of them together

Monday, 13 June 2011

Molly's litter - 17 days

Whilst I had the camera out I took some quick photos of Molly's babies - Diesel was asleep.

Our 2 silver girls - they are near enough identical
Our little 'bear' Coco - Female
Another of Coco

Lily's babies have arrived

Lily's babies have arrived safe and sound - Lily had them within 2 hours! no fuss.

We think we have: (mum is in a small space, plus I don't like to disturb too much too soon)

3 black silver girls, all look quite light.
1 x very light silver girl
1 x brown boy
1 silver boy

They are 6 gorgeous and healthy babies.

All are being assessed for now. xxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 9 June 2011

River's trio

Couple of pictures of the gorgeous trio together + one of Bluebelle. These kittens have been a pleasure, very well behaved, maybe its something to do with there being only 3 of them :)

The boys are reserved. We are thinking of keeping Bluebelle but may let her go to a UK breeder.