Siberian cats

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Molly's kittens 5 weeks

Here are Molly's kittens - Lola ia available - please enquire if interested. Coco could maybe go for show/breed - Coco is now optioned.

These kittens are so cute - wanting out of their area all the time so we will be moving them at the weekend. They are all looking gorgeous. Diesel is a typical boy always climbing and getting into mischief. Daisy is very chatty! Lola loves to play. Coco gets so excited running round.

Coco - optioned
Daisy - reserved
Diesel - optioned
Lola - available


  1. gorgeous babies, love your silvers :)

  2. I saw these cuties last night and they're stunning, every single one of them. Such confident little bundles of fluff too with great coats and oodles of purrsonality. x

  3. :) Thanks Clare, Lola's coat is the same colour as Daisy - I was losing the light so it make her look a bit darker. xx

    Thanks Jackie - wish I could keep them all :) xx