Siberian cats

Thursday, 16 June 2011

3 days - Lily's babies

Lily's kittens are 3 days old now and are so gorgeous - I can't really tell the 3 silver girls apart at the moment but it hopefully won't be long before I can. :)

Most kittens are under assessment at the moment.

Brown boy - reserved
Pale silver girl
Silver girl 2
Silver girl 3
Silver girl 4
Silver boy
All of them together


  1. all gorgeous Denise congrats :)x

  2. Congratulations Denise on another fantastic litter! Well done Lily xx

  3. Thanks both of you - have you shown Eva her new sisters and brothers Sue ? :)
    Send her my kisses x

    D x

  4. Lovely kittens, lovely pics. Congratulations and well bred Denise xx

  5. Congrats and very cute bubbas :-) Going to be tons of mischief in your home in about 7 weeks time LOL!!
    Kisses and hugs to babies and mum xxx

  6. lovely kittens, pale silver very unusual X