Siberian cats

Saturday, 4 June 2011

8 days old :) - Molly's kittens

Here they are 8 days old - they are all looking very nice up to now. All kittens are being assessed or on hold.

Lily is also due her babies end of next week! Waiting list is full for both litters, there may be available kittens from Lily's depending on how many she has. x

Silver girl 2

Brown girl
Brown boy - 1st one to open his eyes (well one of them)
Silver girl 1


  1. They're lovely. Very even litter. I have a preference for brown tabbies though so they're my favourites for now. xx

  2. Lovely kittens Dee :-) and good to hear Molly is doing well as a new mum. Kisses to mum and babies xx

  3. lovely babies, I see the one you weren't sure about is a brown tabby, had a feeling he/she would be :)

  4. Thanks all - yes Clare she is a very nice brown tabby :) x