Siberian cats

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Molly's kittens 4 days

Managed to get some quick pics of the new arrivals whilst mum was downstairs. Molly is being a brilliant mum. She doesn't mind me picking them up for a short time.

All kittens are being assessed

Silver girl 1
Brown boy
silver girl 2

Not sure of this girl's colour - think she may be a dark silver but sometimes she looks brown


  1. congrats on new babies and to Molly, I would say the last pic looks like a cool dark brown tabby, theres no silver on the nose which the others have but very hard to see x

  2. At first I definitely thought dark silver but she seems to get 'browner'. The stripes on her body seem silver. Will be interesting to see how she develops. x yours will be here soon! :)

  3. Lovely babies!, i cant decide if your baby is a brown or silver? time will tell x

  4. Interesting and fun trying to work out colours, I remember my first kitten who was a smoke with stripes and thought hey is this a very dark silver tabby :) Now ive got the opposite an extremely pale almost silver smoke in Boris. Anyway yes only 4 more days im hoping, she is all settled in my room just sleeping lots ...can't wait for the weekend :)

  5. They're lovely Denise. Will be great to see how they develop. A good mix of colours.
    Well done Molly.xx

  6. Beautiful litter again Denise, congratulations! Kisses to all the kittens xxxx