Siberian cats

Friday, 27 May 2011

River's kittens 7.5 weeks

River's kittens are now 7.5 weeks! time flies. They are very playful and beautifully behaved kittens. All are coming along lovely and have really good weights. All 3 have very different personalitites.

We are waiting for new kittens to arrive from Molly any time soon. :) edit: Molly had 4 kittens this afternoon!!!. All doing well. Details later x

Bluebelle - being assessed

Bluebelle is the boss of the group

Cassidy - Reserved

Cassidy is the quietest of the 3

Samuil - reserved

Samuil is the 'villian'!


  1. Congrats on the new babies - can't wait for pics. River's litter are just gorgeous but I have a real soft spot for Bluebelle......hope you keep her so I can watch her grow xx

  2. they are getting big now, all lovely, congrats on the arrival of Mollie's babies also :)

  3. Congrats on Molly's babes.

    Have to agree about Bluebelle. She's gorgeous. Really come on. xxx

  4. Bluebelle has to be a keeper or you'll feel the same as you did before, letting a good one get away. All three kittens are a credit to your breeding Denise. Love them all.
    Congratulations on Molly's new litter. Well done Molly. Looking forward to see them too. XX

  5. I agree with the others! Bluebelle is adorable! Actually they are all lovely and growing well :-)

  6. Thanks everyone. She is gorgeous, I wasn't planning on keeping any this year so have some thinking to do :) xxx

  7. Cute bubbas, and Bluebelle is the "Belle of the Ball" :-) xxx