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Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Brownies and availability

Our chocolate ' Brownies' are as scrumptious as their name.  The kittens are 9 weeks old now and have had their first vaccinations.

We also have a lovely young adult available early next year.  

Kittens available in our other litter, the kittens below are either reserved or optioned.

As much as I would like to keep each and every one of the kittens, we have decided we are not keeping any this year.  We are slowing things down next year and maybe only having 1 or 2 litters, so I am letting the kittens go from both litters. All the kittens from both litters are beautiful kittens and will turn into stunning adults.  I thank Dawn from Orlenda Siberians for letting us use her boy Marcel.  He has fathered all these great kittens.

This is the hardest bit with breeding, letting them go.  But I know they go to wonderful homes and all our previous offspring are happy with their forever families.  Thank you all too for taking such good care of our previous babies.  Update pictures and news are always welcome.

If you have expressed an interest before and we weren't sure if we have availability please feel free to contact us.  We spend a lot of time waiting for people getting back to us so it would be lovely if you contacted us to say you were still interested. 

Also we welcome new enquiries.  If I don't get back to you straight away, I will be waiting for the first enquirers to get back to me. But I will get back to you :) x

All kittens in both litters are sold as pets and are not to be bred from - please do not enquire if you want a cat to breed from.  They are also to be sold as indoor or safe/supervised access to the outdoors.

Kittens are £500

Lots of pictures!

Honey is optioned.

Blossom is reserved - she is going to live with another Siberian kitten - She is a funny kitten, as you can see below :)

Bronson - new name Maxiumus is reserved.  he is a funny guy, always into everything but also the first to run away. Very handsome boy. He is also going to live with another Siberian kitten.

Loulabelle is reserved.  She is going to live with Lotus.  She is such a nice girl - very intelligent. Has the 'knowing' look.

Lotus is reserved - she will be going with her sister Loulabelle
I could not get Lotus to sit still and this is the best picture I managed to get of her, her new mum and dad saw her yesterday so hopefully they wont mind too much  :) She is quite an energetic kitten but also very snuggly.

Willow is reserved.  Very pretty, playful and nice natured girl. 

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