Siberian cats

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Our 6+ week olds

Here are our scrummy 6 week old kits.  (7 weeks on Tuesday)  As always I want to keep them all but will start letting them be reserved.    We have been waiting on people getting back to us, some haven't so will contact people who have enquired.  They are so playful and so sweet.

We may also have an adult available, we would prefer if possible if she went with a kitten.



Kits 38 days

Kittens are now 38 days and are looking beautiful.

I have been waiting on some people getting back to me but have heard nothing from some, so will be contacting other people who have enquired over the next few days about both litters.  Some of the kittens are spoken for and a couple of the girls are under observation.

Hopefully get some photos of our other litter later x



Reserved and going to join a family who already have one of our  Siberians

Saturday, 20 October 2012

30 days

Our other litter are now 30 days old.  These kittens are very well behaved (at the moment) calm before the storm! Won't be long before they are running round the house causing mayhem :)
They have started to explore more and are all starting to eat solid food.  Friendly babies :) xx

39 days - Brown litter

Our brown litter are 39 days now.  They are all fun of fun and busy exploring every inch of their room and toys.  We have started letting them explore outside the room, let the fun begin!

We do have people interested in this litter - thank you to the people who have enquired for being so patient whilst I see who is who with the girls :)   As you can see by the picture of the 3 girls they are still very much alike.

Lots of pictures this week - they sat mostly still for me :)

The three look alikes.  All three are confident kittens and love their food :)

Lulabelle is the cheekiest and most confident kitten.  First to do everything, escape, climb.  She likes to climb on my lap too to sleep.

Honey is the smallest of the litter and also quite shy, she is lighter in colour than the rest.  She is always the first to climb in my lap and snuggle to sleep.

Bronson is the biggest of the litter and also the shyest.  He is such a cute boy who has a lovely strong look.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

33 days

Here are some pictures of our other scrummy litter at 33 days.  I think I can tell the girls apart now (3 of them look so alike).  I have given them all names now.  They are running round the kitten room and are straight out of the room as soon as I open the door.  They get so excited about everything.  All are eating solids.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

3 weeks

Here are our little treasures at 3 weeks.  They are starting to explore but still stay close to mum.

All kittens are being observed at the moment.