Siberian cats

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Nearly 4 weeks old

The kittens are now nearly 4 weeks old - starting to explore more - we have a name for the boy and one of the girls now but the 4 other girls are still nameless until I am 100% sure who is who. I can just about tell.

We have a few options on these kittens but we think we will have availability on this litter and our other litter.

As soon as I know who is who I will start letting them be reserved :)

If you would be interested in one of our kittens please get in touch = ready to leave December.  These will be our last kittens for a good while.

Pretty girl

Miss purrer

The adventurous 

Our smallest baby

Loves to sit and stare

Solid and stocky boy who likes to be heard


  1. All little beauties. I can easily tell them apart ........NOT lol :) xx

    Good luck with that.

  2. lovely peas...your gonna have to use coloured ribbon or nail varnish lol