Siberian cats

Monday, 20 June 2011

1 week old - Lily's kittens

Lily's kittens are now 1 week old! They are all looking lovely, 2 of them have their eyes open. I have given them all their names now.

Midnightstar Elias - reserved.
Midnightstar Eden - being assessed
Midnightstar Eilise - being assessed.

Midnightstar Ewan - optioned
Midnightstar Eliana - being assessed
Midnightstar Esther - being assessed


  1. lovely pics of them and eyes open already mine all took atleast 8-9 days?love the boy look very warm in colour?

  2. Yeh 2 of them have their eyes open, nearly a 3rd. He is a very warm brown isn't he. Very similar to Sid from our first litter. X x

  3. They are gorgeous Denise. I love the pale silver girl, but all of them are lovely. Nice clear silver colour isn't it! xx

  4. 2 of the other silver girls and the silver boy are quite light too but yes she is really pale! Keeping a little eye on her ;)

    D x x

  5. I bet! She will be stunning I'm sure :-)

  6. Very cute bubbas Dee, lovely to see them xx

  7. Gorgeous babies. Can't wait to see them grow into little stunners.xx