Siberian cats

Saturday, 18 June 2011

River's kittens 10 weeks 4 days

River's kittens are 10 and half weeks old now! time flies! They are maturing nicely. As always I I just about managed to get one of Samuil :) he is such a cutie and the biggest purr machine! And always busy. They will be joining their new homes in 2-3 weeks time where I hope their new owners will enjoy having them as much as I am. x

Midnightstar Rika (Bluebelle)

Midnightstar Cassidy
Midnightstar Samuil who is soon going to be called Loki.
(excuse the wall, we are decorating)


  1. They really are gorgeous, each and every one.
    Can't wait to have Rika here.
    A huge THANKYOU Denise !!!!