Siberian cats

Sunday, 30 September 2012

9 days old

Our other litter are 9 days old.  All are developing well and mum is doing a great job.

We have had a few enquiries but there may be availability on this litter and also our other litter. The kittens are still being assessed at the moment for health etc but we are taking enquiries.

We have given names to these kittens, hope you like them




Saturday, 29 September 2012

18 days old

The kittens are now 18 days and eyes are mostly open now.  Managed some pictures whilst mum was otutof the room  They are becoming mobile now and are starting to be inquisitive about the outside world, looking out of their pen.  They are such cuties.  

We do have inquiries on these kittens but there still may be availability.  The kittens are still being assessed but they may be available to 'option'

Honey has her name as I know which one she is as her face is a 'honey' colour.  I will name the rest next pictures hopefully.

Kittens to go to 'pet' only homes

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Our Identicals

Quick snap of our identicals litter.  All are chunky babies, its amazing how big they get so quickly.

We will have available kittens in this litter after they have been assessed.

5 girls and 1 boy (we think)

Email us at with as much about yourself as possible if you wish to express an interest.

12 days old

All kittens to go to pet homes only

New babies

Early hours Friday morning we welcomed to the world 4 chunky babies.

All are under observation at the moment under we know they all are ok etc - When they have been assessed the boys will become available. 

Please contact us to show an interest .

We have:

1 brown mackerel girl 
1 silver/golden classic girl
1 silver/golden mackerel boy
1 silver/golden (darker) mackerel boy

We will also have availability on our other litter once we have evaluated them. (pictures later) 

We may also have a female adult available to the right forever home.  We would prefer she is rehomed with one of her kittens.

All kittens be sold to pet homes only

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

1 week old

Babies are 1 week old.  Mum has been brilliant and we have left her to bond as much as possible, only bothering her/them to weigh and check all is ok.

Slight differences are starting to show now but I still don't really know who is who (apart from the boy)

I think these babies are going to be stunning and I am looking forward to seeing them develop.

We will have available kittens in this litter

Saturday, 15 September 2012

4 days old

The kittens are now 4 days old and are doing beautifully.  Mum is doing a great job.  We think we have 5 girls and 1 boy.

They are all under observation until I know they are ok health wise etc but I think there may be available kittens as we weren't expecting a big litter.

Here are couple pictures taken earlier whilst mum was off having her breakfast.  As you can see they are near enough identical.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Kitten news

Today saw the birthday of our 6 newborn kittens.  Mum was brilliant.  Not sure of sexes yet but all are brown babies.

Here is a picture taken at just a few hours old.

We will be in contact to the people who have shown an interest soon. There may also be available kittens in this litter.  Contact us and let us know about yourself if you would be interested in becoming a slave to one of our beauties.