Siberian cats

Sunday, 13 December 2009

She is here!!

We picked our new girl up today and wow she is soooo gorgeous. I love her colouring.  She has explored the living room and has played since she got in.  Has eaten and is now in dream land.

Here is a picture taken at 9 weeks and will hopefully manage to snap some photos of her tomorrow :)

Thank you to Jo and Andy for another gorgeous girl. xx


  1. Congratulations Dee on another beautiful girl!
    she is just adorable!


  2. Congrats! She is gorgeous!!!!

    Kind regards

  3. Lovely seeing you both yesterday, sorry if it was like a madhouse!!!
    I hope the girls are playing nice with their new little sister :-)
    Thanks for looking after another one of our brood, I know she will be spoilt like Lily
    See you soon
    Jo x