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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Nearly 5 weeks

The babies are nearly 5 weeks - time flies! We love having them around, watching them play, sleep, discover.

Here are some photos and a little about each one. We hope to be contacting the waiting list in the next week or so.

This is Amelie, (snow queen) Amelie loves to play with her brothers and sisters. She loves to discover new toys when I bring them in and loves to be on our knees.
Under evaluation

This is Annalise (Annie), Annie is very confident, climbing, discovering, playing with my hands etc. Annie has a lovely spotted coat.

This is Levi, he is such a sweet boy and makes a noise when I go in the room to make me pick him up and give him a cuddle, he is a little sweetheart. He is always the first to get up a height! Brave boy
Reserved for Christine & family

Elouisa (Ella) is very affectionate and playful - usually the first on my knee and falls asleep in my arms.

This is our gorgeous baby Laila. Laila is slightly smaller than her brothers and sisters but you wouldn't think it when she is running around playing. She is a little sweetheart! She is a cuddler too!
Under evaluation
Louis is our daredevil boy. Nothing fazes him, he looks like he is laughing when you play with him, tickling his tummy. Gorgeous boy!
Under evaluation

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