Siberian cats

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Molly - 7 months

Few pictures of Molly who is soon 7 months. I put her and Lily out in the run when there was a break in the snow. Lily was like 'get me back in now'! Molly just took it as an opportunity to explore. Wasn't long though before she realised it is toastier inside the house. I snapped a few photos on my iphone before bringing her back in.

Molly has just over taken mum Lily in weight and size and is now at 7 months the largest of our girls. I have heard her siblings are just as big. x


  1. Lovely photo's Denise and congratulations on your handsome new boy!

  2. lovely pics, looks like she will be a big girl

  3. she's looking amazing, would love to see her in the fur! Are you going to VCC Rugby?

  4. Thanks all - no Shirley can't make the show :(

    D x