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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lilys kittens - 8 weeks

Lily's babies are 8 weeks old tomorrow! All of them are such gorgeous babies and their personalities are shining through.

I have 2 girls still under assessment, one of which may be suitable for breeding. The other is promised for pet. I can only let Eden or Eliana go in the UK for breeding due to work commitments at the moment not giving me much time. I think they are both looking nice at the moment, both confident girls.

If you are interested in Eden or Eliana and are a registered, established breeder contact me on to ask for more details on their development etc.

Midnightstar Eliana - being assessed. May let her go for breeding
Midnightstar Ewan - reserved
Midnightstar Esther - reserved
Midnightstar Eden - being assessed - may let her go for breeding.
Midnightstar Elias - reserved for Emma who has been waiting ages for a Midnightstar boy
Midnightstar Eilise - optioned

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