Siberian cats

Sunday, 6 November 2011

First pictures

Had chance to have a good look at the kittens this morning whilst mum was out of the room.  

We have 2 boys and 2 girls. 2 are dark silver and 2 are brown.  All our good weights.   The names we have given them are related to Winter as this is our first litter over Winter/Christmas., hope you like them.

All are being assessed.
Gabriel - silver mackerel boy

 Holly, brown mackerel girl

 Jack, brown classic boy

 Katiyana, silver mackerel girl

The boys

The girls


  1. congrats on the new babies, will be fun for you over xmas :)

  2. Just adorable Denise. How lucky are you getting boys and girls ? I hate you for that !!
    Be great watching yours and mine growing up together xx

  3. I know! 2 brown and 2 silvers too! yes be nice seeing all of them developing :) xx