Siberian cats

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lily's kittens 4 weeks

Lily's kittens are just over 4 weeks now! time flies!  they are all such sweet confident babies.

We are hoping to keep a girl or two and a boy from Lily's and Molly's litters as these are our boy Rasputin's last babies.

We do have people waiting on these kittens but if any do become available I will post on my blog.





  1. cute love matilda and sebastian :)

  2. I suppose Rasputin's had a fair bit of work over the last couple of years! He deserves his retirement and at least will be able to spend more time indoors now without his stud-pants on :)

  3. Thanks Clare, I cant get enough of them all :) x

    Yes Tim, he has produced some gorgeous babies for us, Rasputin is so much happier already. We may be finding him a new home with his own humans to pamper him, will see how he goes.

  4. That'll be hard for you, Denise :( I wish we could help - you know I'd have a dozen if I could ...

  5. He can stay here as long as he is happy Tim - he is a lovely boy, as you know :)