Siberian cats

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Lily's kittens - 8 weeks

Lily's and Rasputin's litter are now 8 weeks!  Very active babies, but also very laid back and gentle.

Leonardo is reserved, Matilda is optioned and the other 2 are being assessed.

Rasputin their daddy has been retired from stud life and leaves for his new home on Monday.  We will so miss him but know it is the best thing for him.


  1. Gorgeous babies all of them, Lily has such nice kittens :)

  2. I love em all but for me it has to be Phoenix. I'm a sucker for them there brown tabbies lol :)x

  3. Thanks both of you - still un decided on which boy but I am swaying towards Phoenix,,, time will tell I hope x