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Sunday, 16 May 2010

2 weeks (tomorrow)

Babies are 2 weeks tomorrow! they are such sweet babies. As soon as I come into the room now they all look up at me then crawl over to me.

Here are their pictures with their names ( I am hoping I am right on their sex) I had to take the pictures as Chris usually takes them but couldn't today so they are not brilliant, plus I had to be quick so as not to hurt their eyes with the light. Some of the babies were very sleepy too.

The black/silver babies coat colours are lightening.

They are all so gorgeous, I never know who to pick up first!

All the kittens are still under evaluation

This is Levi, he is usually first over to see me.
This is Louis, he loves to watch me, he has huge paws.
This is Laila, she is such a sweetie and is a mummy's girl
This is Elouisa, she is one of the bravest babies.
This is AmeliƩ, she is such a sweet girl who loves to watch too.
This is Annalise, she is a brave girl too and very much laid back

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  1. The babies are such gorgeous darlings! Can't believe they have grown so quickly already. You must be so proud!
    Christine Tam