Siberian cats

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Kitten Individual Pictures

It has been a lovely 2 days with the new babies around. We are still not sure on some of the sexes though :( . All are thriving, Lily is doing a great job, she totally loves her babies, as we do, we are very proud of her.

Managed to get some individual photos of them - Lily was downstairs so we had to be super quick!
Hope you like the photos :)

All the babies are under evaluation at the moment until we know what sex we have.

Baby 1 - sex ?
Baby 2 - pretty sure this one is a boy so his name is Louis
Baby 3 - sex ?
Baby 4 - sex ?
Baby 5 - Girl - Her name will be Layla
She is the smallest (only just) and most noisy of the bunch, she is slightly darker in coat colour than our other 2 colour points (neva's)
Baby 6 - sex ?


  1. Oh they are just so beautiful - Mum must be really proud - and well done on managing to grab the photos!!

    Lesley x

  2. They are really cute - congratulations!!

  3. Nice pictures of so little babies! I usually pretty bad on taking pictures of youngsters like that :)!