Siberian cats

Sunday, 18 July 2010

11 weeks!

Babies are now 11 weeks - time is going too fast! Most of them will be off to their new homes in a couple of weeks, will miss them so much. They all have wonderful personalities.

It is getting so much harder to take photos now as they are so 'busy' I couldn't get any poser ones of Amelie and Levi.

Elouisa will be staying with us for the moment under assessment. I do have someone interested in her also.


  1. sad when they go isnt it? elouisa is a good choice pretty girl x

  2. She may not be staying yet :) - but will enjoy having her a little longer as she is soooooo sweet.

  3. All beautiful Denise, they are a credit to you and Lily. I just adore Louis, he's such a sweet boy and very handsome! X

  4. How the time has flown by and here they are, all beautiful little sibis. Don't know how you chose one I'd want them all. Will know soon if Boushka is pregnant then I'll be wanting to swap notes. Well done Denise, they're little stunners.
    Jackie xx

  5. Time flies Denise - lovely to see how they have grown and matured - their new owners must be very happy and so keen to get them home!

  6. Great photos, they have grown since we saw them all! Love Louis' face he looks like a proper little tiger :-) xx