Siberian cats

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

12 & half weeks old - snap shots

Kittens are now 12 & half weeks and will be leaving us soon to go off to their new homes. All have now got homes. It is near impossible to get photos now and the only one we could get of them together was this one all facing the wrong way, but it's still nice to get a photo of them together.

We have loved having them with us, its been lovely and totally mad, never a dull or still moment.

The bottom one is 'Auntie' River watching them


  1. Hi Denise, where did the time go? Sorry I never got to see them. They all grew into quite beautiful sibis didn't they. You must be very proud. Maybe my turn soon. Boushka looks as though she's pregnant. Will know for certain next week. Jackie x

  2. gorgeous babies, bet your sorry to see them go :-(

  3. Lovely photos Denise - and I can imagine it will be tough when they leave. You've done a lovely job with them - and their new Mums and Dads are going to love them to bits xx