Siberian cats

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Nearly 4 weeks

Can't resist taking photos of our gorgeous babies, here they are at nearly weeks - Will try to get more photos of Levi & Louis as they were much too busy to pose!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

New pictures

A few pictures of some very sleepy kittens!.

It is wonderful to see how they develop in a day! I have put a small cat tree in their room and they are starting to play on it, all congregating underneath it. So cute.

They are running about and falling over. They all know my voice when I go into the room and come toddling over to me for a cuddle.

Love them!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Nearly 3 weeks old

Where does the time go! I went into the kitten room today and the kittens had escaped the 'nest'. Lily was sat there just looking at them. They are very cuddly and Laila especially loves to snuggle into me.

Here is a picture for now until we try to get some individual ones during the week.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Lily's 1st litter

Lily's 1st litter are 1 year old today! Can't believe it was a year today - time flies. They have all turned into beautiful cats.

Happy Birthday my special lot x

Here is a picture of the gorgeous Pepper that her owners kindly sent me today

Sunday, 16 May 2010

2 weeks (tomorrow)

Babies are 2 weeks tomorrow! they are such sweet babies. As soon as I come into the room now they all look up at me then crawl over to me.

Here are their pictures with their names ( I am hoping I am right on their sex) I had to take the pictures as Chris usually takes them but couldn't today so they are not brilliant, plus I had to be quick so as not to hurt their eyes with the light. Some of the babies were very sleepy too.

The black/silver babies coat colours are lightening.

They are all so gorgeous, I never know who to pick up first!

All the kittens are still under evaluation

This is Levi, he is usually first over to see me.
This is Louis, he loves to watch me, he has huge paws.
This is Laila, she is such a sweetie and is a mummy's girl
This is Elouisa, she is one of the bravest babies.
This is AmeliƩ, she is such a sweet girl who loves to watch too.
This is Annalise, she is a brave girl too and very much laid back

Monday, 10 May 2010

Eyes starting to open

Day 8

Some of the babies eyes are starting to open so it may be difficult to get photos for a while.

One of the black/silver girls eyes are the most open and she looks up at me now as if she is amazed by her sight.

They all love their tummy tickled and lay on their backs or lift their back legs up if I go to tickle them - very cute!

They are all putting good daily weights on and starting to wobble round the 'nest' I can see I am going to have lots of fun running round after this little lot!

Lily is well and loving her babies, we 'talk' to each other about how beautiful they are.

D xx

Saturday, 8 May 2010

6 Days old

Pictures of our gorgeous babies at 6 days old, hope you like them as much as we do. As soon as we lined them up for photos they started to snuggle.

We think we have 1 colour point boy, 2 colour point girls, 1 black silver boy and 2 black silver girls. Hope to confirm this when they are a bit older.

All kittens are under evaluation

Friday, 7 May 2010

The last 24 hours

Well we have had a very very restless 24 hours - Lily has been moving the kittens, they are finally settled (we hope) in our sons bedroom, he will be pleased when he comes home from university!

They have all gained good weights which I am so pleased about as I have been worrying with the upset they wouldn't have. The colour point male is sooooo noisy and we think its his squealing that has unsettled Lily to move them. He has gained the most weight so his antics are working! He is very cute and is so funny to listen to when he he is 'moaning'. He is a very good looking big boy.

Will try to get pics at the weekend as I want to leave her alone as much as I can today.


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Kitten Individual Pictures

It has been a lovely 2 days with the new babies around. We are still not sure on some of the sexes though :( . All are thriving, Lily is doing a great job, she totally loves her babies, as we do, we are very proud of her.

Managed to get some individual photos of them - Lily was downstairs so we had to be super quick!
Hope you like the photos :)

All the babies are under evaluation at the moment until we know what sex we have.

Baby 1 - sex ?
Baby 2 - pretty sure this one is a boy so his name is Louis
Baby 3 - sex ?
Baby 4 - sex ?
Baby 5 - Girl - Her name will be Layla
She is the smallest (only just) and most noisy of the bunch, she is slightly darker in coat colour than our other 2 colour points (neva's)
Baby 6 - sex ?

Monday, 3 May 2010

Picture of babies

Here's a picture of our gorgeous babies.. Still not too sure of the sex but we think 2 boys and 4 girls but not too sure about one of them. Time will tell :) All kittens are under evaluation at the moment.
Please note: kittens will be pet/show only.


We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of 6 beautiful kittens. Not sure what we have yet. Mum did fantastic, even though she moved them after baby number 3 with baby number 4 hanging out!!!

We had to give a little help to one of them too but he/she looks fine now :)

More details/pics later xx