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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Lily's kittens 26 days

Lily's and Rasputin's kittens are now 26 days, it is amazing how quick they turn from fluffy sausages to looking like kittens. There are some funny characters in this litter, Esther is the most inquisitive. It is lovely when you go in the room and they all just sit and stare at you --- so cute!

The silvers are nice clear silvers and our boy Elias is a beautiful warm brown

The boys are reserved/optioned and the girls are being assessed, we should have at least one girl available.

Molly's kittens are reserved or optioned.

Midnightstar Eilise - female
Midnightstar Eden - female
Midnightstar Eliana - female
Midnightstar Elias - male
Midnightstar Esther - female

Midnightstar Ewan - male

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