Siberian cats

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Rasputin & Lily's kittens 6+ weeks

Lily's kittens are coming up 7 weeks - time is going too fast (for me , no doubt it is going slow for their new owners to be). They are all lovely babies - they love to play outside their room and get so excited.

Midnightstar Eliana - being assessed.
Such a sweet girl who loves to play with her brothers & sisters.

Midnightstar Ewan - reserved. Gets very much involved with the mischief, sweet boy.
Midnightstar Eilise - optioned - gentle sweet girl.
Midnightstar Elias - reserved - the cuddler of the bunch

Midnightstar Esther - optioned, very clever and cute girl, teaches the rest 'how to do things'

Midnightstar Eden - being assessed. Very lively & friendly girl. A cuddler too.